In order to improve the health & wellbeing of children & young people throughout the region, a multi-agency transformation programme was initiated that cut across NHS Acute, Commissioning, Community and Mental Health services, Social Care and the Third sector. Although a high-profile programme with national scrutiny, it had not started as hoped with a clear lack of engagement within the programme board, little direction and ultimately a lack of confidence in the programme achieving the desired outcome.



Xylem Resourcing Partners was engaged to help identify specialist expertise that could take ownership of the programme at quite a critical stage, help re-define the priorities, get the programme board re-engaged and all parties agreed on the steps to take and then begin the process of implementing the plan.



What was critical to the success of this programme was identifying someone at pace whilst ensuring the individual had successfully led a similar improvement agenda across Children’s services so that they could draw on previous successes and lessons learned to deliver rapid change.



After an extensive search process Xylem partnered with Julie Haywood Consulting who over a period of 6 months delivered the following:

  • A re-freshed 3 year children’s  service transformation strategy including a new model for children’s community services; supported and signed off by system leaders.
  • A defined and implemented PMO approach with overseeing governance, reporting and accountability to deliver the objectives and deliverables of the programme effectively.
  • Strengthened relationships and programme profile across the system (internal and external, with partners, with system leads and  governing entities).


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