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Unlocking Solutions to Complex Challenges

Strategic Support To Clients Across The Health And Social Care Sector

Supporting clients with organisational diagnostics and assessments

Working with organisations to design and deliver programmes of change

Providing capacity to mobilise strategy and implement goals

Supporting agencies to collaborate better

Enabling clients to create stronger partnerships and to work more effectively in systems

Accomplished Leadership

Julie Haywood Consulting provides programme management, system transformation and strategy execution support to clients across the health and social care sector. We help clients find paths through complex challenges. We focus on designing and implementing feasible and effective solutions to unlock system assets and increase value to the organisation and its partners.

Whether creating a short-term approach for process improvement or executing a long-term strategy for system or service transformation, our methodology is to start with careful and thoughtful investigation and analysis. Reliable business diagnostics are used to understand people, process and politics thus enabling timely and informed movement to a plan for action.


Who can you trust?

Who can you trust?

Who can you trust? I read the Paterson Inquiry report today. Which is an unusual thing for me to do. I don’t normally read inquiry reports. It’s not that I don’t care, or I’m not interested. It’s just that they so often leave me feeling hopeless and shocked. Harm,...

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© 2024 | Julie Haywood Consulting